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Zawadi means Gift or Gifted

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With the growing senior population there has been a growing need for elderly senior caregiving. It is estimated that the population of adults aged 65 years will reach over 83.7 million by 2020. It is important to note that with such growing demand, the service offered will reduce. It is evident that our elderly have suffered abuse & negligence in the hands of greedy caregiving agencies.
Zawadi Honor Care has come to serve that aging population that needs specialized care. Our team of care associates are experienced and trained to understand the needs of our recipients and to handle situations that may arise with Respect & Honor

Our Focus

We are currently focused on offering specilized care for persons with Dementia Alzheimer's and other illnesses associated with aging

  • Our care associates are regularly trained through our partners e.g. American Cancer Society, Alzheimer's Association, American Heart Association, Parkinson, Dementia
  • The PCQC Model compulsory training before start of assignment is required for all care associates
  • Constantly developing materials through experiences, research and trainings and creating teaching manuals that will help with informatin for the right and honorable caregiver

Our Principles

  • Promote good, honorable, dignified and respectable care through our Zawadi Honor care model designed for that purpose
  • Provide quality care that is person-centered for every care recipient in order to avoid elderly abuse
  • Support family and loved ones with relevant information to help understand situations by regularly updating them with care
  • Provide the client with latest homecare technology solutions that will help the client's wellness by providing wellness activity trackers and movement sensors if needed
  • That Zawadi Honor Care is able to provide a caregiving service that is digified, worthy or honor and respect.

Why Choose Us !

  • Licensed Home Care Agent: Did you know that Oklahoma requires all Health Care services be licensed?  We are Licensed by the State as a  Home Care Agent.
  • PCQC Model of Care is designed and tailored for your loved with particular individual care needs.
  • Quality care: We provide the right care with honor, dignity, respect and  love for you and your loved ones
  • Professional staff: Our caregivers are trained to give from their heart, serving faithfully and with love
  • Care Services available 24/7:  friendly and professional teams of highly trained staff


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